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i'm tash. i live in perth, australia. i deleted but now im back so hi.

my ask box doesn't work right and i cant be fucked fixing it sorry

i literally never know if the messages/replies i send on here actually go through to the person and its the most annoying thing

next door neighbours have got a whole bunch of people over and they’re all singing really loudly like as loud as they can and none of them know the words to any of it so its like just AAAAHhh YEAHH MMDHKHWK YAAAHH

7.30am and finally finished my assignment and its awful! but at least its done and ive only managed to completely ruined my sleep pattern again! im grumpy!!

i feel like ive been typing for years but this essay just isnt getting any longer

if i was an alien i would never come to earth like are u kidding me, id have awesome spaceships and stuff id just pass this lame ass planet right on by

sometimes i think i have that song from the lego movie out of my head but im wrong. im always wro ng 

primary school was cool because i could just copy multiple paragraphs from different books and pretend i was smart and everyone would just go along with it.

getting my boobs ultrasounded is going to be so weird and awkward and knowing me i’ll just laugh the whole time and make it even worse 

how the hell did i used to smoke. i cant even stand 2 meters from the microwave without stressing im gonna die nowadays 

i think im gonna play pokemon til i cant keep my eyes open anymore and then hopefull y have dreams about owning a bulbasaur or s/t