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i'm tash. i live in perth, australia. i deleted but now im back so hi.

my ask box doesn't work right and i cant be fucked fixing it sorry

i’ve been refreshing my dash over and over every second for about 10 minutes what the fuck am i doing


*gf takes the sticker off of snapback* wtf babe now it’s not authentic why did you do that

(via methblue)

i never knew u could die from eating too much in one sitting but it seems obvious now i think about it. ive been flirting with death for years 


i dont like waxing because u have to let the hair grow out some before u can do it again and thats basically the exact opposite of what i want to do

i sleep from 7am to 4pm now and its really bad but i dont know how to stop?


Excitedly, i pulled the spade out of the ground. another clump of dirt! i dug on. yet more clumps of dirt, there for the taking! incredible!

people who randomly call u from the shop to ask if u want anything are the best kind of people

dinosaurs ♥_♥ 

it doesnt matter whats going on in my life i am always in the mood to watch Jurassic park